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Services Selection Boards

  In all the Services Selection Boards(SSB) in India tests are conducted for 5-6 days.These tests consists of Pilot Aptitude Betton Test (PABT) (only at Air Force Selection Board).Stage one-test, Intelligence tests,Psychological tests,Group Testing Officers(GTO) Test and the Personality Interview.

PABT :- It consists of written test and practical test.Written test consists of 6 m. reading. There are 15 items with 4 multiple choice answers.Time alloted is 10 mins. Another meter reading test containing 60 items and time alloted is 20 mins.In the practise test-A light control test is given.

Stage One Test :- It consists of a verbal test of reasoning,38 items to be solved in 18 mins. ,a self personality assessment test-25 items to be answered in 10 mins. ,a picture story writing (TAT) in 4 mins.,a group discussion on the story of the picture shown.Candidates who clear the stage one test will undergo further test,rest will we sent back.

Psychological Tests :- It consists of 5 written tests.

                 a) Intelligence Test : It consists of verbal & non-verbal reasoning test of 50 items each to be solved in 25 mins.These tests are given to gauge basic intelligence in a person.

                 b) Thematic Appreciation Test : Candidadates are shown 12 slides.Each slide contains a still black & white picture.Candidates are expected to write a story in 3-4 mins. by identifying main characters & main activity

                 c) Situation Reaction Test : Candidates are given 60 situations to be answered in 30 mins. Most of the given situations are part of day-to-day life.Some situations may be unfamiliar to the candidates.

                 d) Self Description Test : This test is a self-assessment test.This test gives an idea to the Psychologist about whether the candidate is aware of his/her strength/weakness.In this test candidates are asked to write opinions of thier parents,teachers & friends about them.They also have  to write thier own opinion about themselves & the qaulities they would like to improve in near future.Time alloted is 15 mins.

 GTO Test :- There are 9 tests i.e. Group Discussion,Group Planning Exercise,Progressive Group Task,Half Group Task,Group Obstacle Race,Lecturette,Individual Obstacle,Command Task,Final Group Task.

These group tests are conducted to test the candidates suitability in the group,way of functioning in the group,group cohesiveness,ability to stand up to resistance & stress,skilful management of the group, contribution in the group activities in achieving the group goal & behaviour in the group.

 The Interview :- Candidates will be interviewed once by the Interviewing Officer.Interview will begin from day 2 to day 4. The interview will of 15 mins. to 1hour duration.Questions in the interview will be on family background,friends,hobbies & interest,current affairs,weakness & strengths of a candidates.

 Final Conference :- All the 3 assessors discuss in detail about their assessment of each candidate.Candidate having high trainability & potentiality during the training in the Defence training academies will be given preferences.All those Recommended by the board stay back for medical examination.

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